Tuesday, August 5, 2008

we sold our house....again

So, it seems that we are officially moving out of our house...after our first contract fell through it doesn't seem right that this one is really going to happen. But, the plan is that we will be moved out in two weeks! Holy crap!Thinking about leaving has made me so nostalgic about our first home and the only home Jacob and Eddie have known. I'm not normally one to write poetry (as will soon be painfully obvious), but the sappiness of the subject matter made it most apprope. And since I have absolutely no time to be updating my blog much less tackeling anything remotely creative, I am officially a moron. But here goes...

Our first little house in Westwood
We wouldn't change it if we could
It needed so much work
But we loved the neighborhood
Ripping out carpet, painting the walls
Buying our furniture without access to malls
Demolition and trips to the dump
Dave's truck ripping out that huge tree stump
Fast food dinners and late, late nights
Remodeling caused such stupid fights
Pinching every little penny
Laughing at dinner with Amber and Kenny
Golfing into Heugley's field
When there were garden boxes to build
Screaming fights and slamming doors
the monotony of daily chores
Music strummed on Dave's guitars
Only room to park one of his cars
Finishing our basement - finally
Rewarding ourselves with a freaking huge TV
Murray always laying on the deck
Misha escaping for another solo trek
Working, remodeling, dates and dinners together
We had so much time but those days I hardly remember...

Welcomed home our baby boys
Overnight, over run with toys
Mixing formala, setting up cribs
Changing diapers, putting on bibs
Never getting a change to rest
Jacob taking a nap on Dave's chest
Spilled milk in diper bags
Trying to figure it out with parenting mags
Baby cries and toddler fits
Carpet full of smashed up Ritz
Peanut butter, cereal, mac and cheese
Trying to teach them thank you and please
Panic attacks and sleepless nights
Jacob's tears and Eddie's bites
Toys and cups thrown off the deck
Noon and I still look like a wreck
Sticky fingerprints on the windows, wet nose prints on the doors
Little scribbles on the walls...breakfast, lunch and dinner on the floors
Giving high fives and big, tight hugs
Everywhere, pictures of their cute little mugs
Way too tired to have sex
Stepping on a plastic T-rex
Playing outside, climbing up trees
Putting bandaids on little, brown knees
Two baby boys playing tackle football
That sound of heads knocking into the wall
Loved pets buried deep in the ground
Tears dropped on a little, raised mound
Bedtime stories before a goodnight kiss
We're tired but it's too sweet to miss
Listening to our little boys giggles
Family prayer with all the wiggles...

We never knew when we were given the key
Everything that this little home would come to be
I couldn't bare to leave it, if it weren't for the fact
That no matter where we live, my little family is intact
So, I will walk away with a tear in my eye
But knowing that this is not really a sad goodbye
Our new home will have everything that matters to me
Not to mention a walk-in closet and a new flat panel TV.