Wednesday, May 26, 2010

it's finally over...

I usually post about my children on this blog. But let's face it, I'm no boring house wife. Sometimes I get excited about TV too.

It's that time of year when with some saddness and a mostly relief, television seasons start ending. Parenthood, I will miss so much! 24, I'm already done and I have yet to push through the last 4 hours! Glee, wish there was more! Pretty much everything else, I'm glad I can get my life back.

Enough has been said about the "Lost" finale. I don't want to go there. But tonight I watched the finale of "The Biggest Loser", and I've got some things to get off my chest. I use the term "watched" loosely, because when you fast forward through all the meaningless blah blah blah it was a 35 minute commitment TOPS!

First of all, WHO KNEW that along with all that weight...Mike was also losing every shred of his masculenity. He was gayer than Perez Hilton in a day spa during the finale! And what was up with that HUGE, diamond encrusted belt buckle? A little vulgar if you ask me. And his tight pants? And his see-through black V-neck shirt? And the chains? Oh, Michael....I never thought I would miss your crazy white-mans affro and your attempts to sound like some cool, fat gangster. But I do. Oh yeah, and Congratulations!

And Shay...54 pounds! Really? I mean, I'm sure you have worked your butt off and you are very beautiful and a nice person but...54 pounds? For $1000.00 a pound, I could lose 54 pounds. I'm disappointed.

On to Daris. Yes, he is a cutie. Yes, I'm glad he has a girlfriend and he looked so good. Blah blah blah. However, it was soooooo AWKWARD when Allie was asking for an update on his love life. I couldn't even look at the TV. Really. It was as if he hadn't spent the entire season saying how he had NEVER had a girlfriend on nearly every episode. "And Daris, I heard there has been some changes in your love life recently. Do you care to tell us about that?". Long, goofy, awkward pause.... "Yes Allie, I finally found my genitals!". OK, he didn't say that. But that would have been only slightly more painful to hear. Leave the poor kid alone Sami Brady!

Ali reluctantly let Melissa come onto the Stage where she proceeded to yell at everyone. She was super skinny and likes to flex a lot these days. She is still scary so that hasn't changed.

And, I have to say it.....WHHHHAAAAATTTTT? WHHHHAAAAATTTTT? That's right! That's right! I'm wearing salmon colored, skinny slacks. WHHHHAAAAATTTT?

Oh Koli! You looked so skinny, but who dressed you? Obviously the same person who dressed your cousin Sam in a CAP sleeve! Come on! What have you done today? I'm not proud.

But, I have to congratulate everyone! Honestly! Those people are amazing (mostly). Everyone (except a few slackers...OK Migdalia) looked so good! Sunshine, Kenny Rogers, Marilyn Monroe's Grandma, everyone! They were all amazing!

And finally, Jillian's new show..."All about Jillian" or whatever it is called. I think we get the picture, would like us to watch. But I'm not sure how much more Jillian I can take. I can only watch so much of her yelling, her lectures, her break through-moments, her cramming Jennie-O Turkey down people throats and her incessant eyebrow raising. And now, being fat is apparently not dysfunctional enough...from the looks of the ads it seems the contestants on Jillian's show also have to be hoarders or have Munchausen Syndrome, or some other psychological problem. I don't think I will tune in for all that stress.

As far as "The Biggest Loser" is concerned, I'm sure I will tune in for season 10!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

where I've been...

It's already been two weeks, but I've finally had some time to catch up on life. Sigh......I had a vacation. A real-life, honest to goodness vacation. My David stayed home with our kids, and I spent a whole week with these girls, who I love.

It was so wonderful and a little excrutiating to be away from my my family for SEVEN days, but I came back feeling so glad to be home, refreshed, and a little more human than when I left...which is really the point, isn't it?

I could never recap the whole week, but here are a few things that will stand out in my memory...

Eating crazy good food at places like this...

(The Flying Melon on Ocracoke Island).

Seeing the Raleigh Temple,

historic Fort Macon,

and Sherri's fake tan!

Taking in the views...

from the road,

from a boat in the Atlantic,

and from the top of this lighthouse.

Island hopping in North Carolina's beautiful Outer Banks...
and wondering who lives here,

and here! Seriously...

Hiking on this trail...

Playing at the beach...

Watching the sunset...

stepping out at night onto the front porch to look at this...

And laughing....a lot!
I'm a lucky girl for having two amazing sisters of my own. But then I married Dave and immediately aquired SIX more amazing sisters, and ONE new sister-in-law and, somehow, my brothers have married far above themselves and given me yet another...THREE sisters who I love. That's TWELVE wonderful ladies I can call for advice, ask for help, dump my problems on, swap recipes with, who all love my children and have helped take care of them and who I consider some of my greatest friends. I'm a lucky girl. I just wish everyone could have been there!

And what else can I say about David, except that he is an amazing Dad! There were a few minor incidents during my absence (a triple drowning scare at the Desert Wave Pool, a lock down at Cabella's for thirty minutes when Eddie disappeared and some kind of rice disaster at dinner that I am still trying to figure out). But, despite massive amounts of cereal and fast food consumption, Dave handled everything like a pro including another ear infection, swimming classes, coaching 2 soccer games, preschool and work. And somehow, I came home to a clean house, an organized laundry room, happy kids and, in one unfortunate turn of events, to this adorable bedding in my boys rooms...

being replaced by this!
Punishment from Dave? Perhaps. I'm not convinced that the boys will EVER let me put there cute bedding back. The giant lettering reading "Their flame is mightier than their bite"???. Jacob and Eddie are beyond thrilled!

It was a great trip. Dave is going to get away in a few weeks for a trip of his own and I am so glad he will get the chance to do it. I missed my kids and Dave so much but this was one of those rare opportunities that I just couldn't miss! My first morning at home, Saren had some epic bed head happening to welcome me home.