Tuesday, September 29, 2009

generic mom toilet training blog post part 2

I hate to write one of those posts...but I am a mommy. So this is news worthy to me.

Jacob has had a few "accidents" since school started. This was understandable, but they were getting more frequent and I felt I had to try and sort things out with him.

Me - Buddy, did you have another accident?
Jacob - Yes.
Me - What happened?
Jacob - I don't know.
Me - What can Mommy do to help? How can we make sure you make it to the potty next time?
Jacob - Mom.........just clean it up.

And so I did.

On to Edison. He is showing some interest in all things potty. We have been reading a potty book, many times a day which he loves, primarily because I say things like poop and pee pee and he laughs. At the end, the little boy in the book says..."I'm a big boy now! Do you want to be a big boy like me?" Eddie initally answered..."Yes!". But soon found out that this response would lead to mom requesting he try to pee in the potty, which he doesn't want to do. Now when the little boy asks..."Do you want to be a big boy like me?", Eddie politely declines, "No thanks, just Jacob".

And so he is not a big boy.

Today, while taking a call from my sweet Aunt about my ailing Grandma, Eddie created the worst poop mess of all time. It was the stuff of legends really. I'm sure he will be high fiving the other boys in nursery next Sunday. I'll explain. The boys were playing outside, while I was on the phone.

After a minute, Jacob came inside, tapped my shoulder and announced...
"Mom there is poop on the patio"
"Whose poop?"

I walked outside to see Eddie naked from the waist down, diaper discarded and a large pile of crap on the patio. (Sorry if you find this disgusting, but I am nurse so I can write this while eating a Baby Ruth). Anyway, I told the boys I would be out in a minute to take care of "it", walked inside to finish my kind of urgent phone call and returned to the patio. Well, let's just say that 4 minutes was way too long to leave Eddie alone with his poop. He had attempted to clean it up. "I keen it myseff!" I'm sure he has seen Dave scoop up dog poop with a shovel. Well, there was no shovel to be found but Eddie did find a plastic rake and tried unsuccessfully to rake up the crap. You can imagine what this did. He then tried a plastic lobster claw. You squeeze the handle and two giant lobster claws close to pick up sand, playground bark, etc. Let's just say the lobster claw was never intended to transfer solid human waste. You can imagine what this did.

Eddie was quite thrilled to have me outside, cleaning up after him for such a long time. He kept walking over, giggling and pointing at the mess saying "poop in my pants". I tried to ask him why he removed his diaper and made such a mess...the only answer Eddie could come up with was "I yike ice cweam sammiches!" There was poop on the stucco of the house, all over the concrete, and all over the aforementioned "cleaning" objects. It was nothing that a half box of wet wipes and a pressure washer couldn't handle. Everytime I wanted to get mad at him for this mess, I would look up to see him going down the playground slide commando...and saying "Ouch" at the bottom. What else could I do but laugh. Besides, how can I get too mad at this little, mischevious face?

And so I had to write this post!


Lynette said...

That's quite the poop report! Good luck! It seems like my boys started having accidents around age 5. They were "too busy" to stop playing and go. I ended up having to "ground" them for awhile until they could go for however long without having an accident. Like I said, good luck!

bids2calvin said...

There is no such thing as a generic potty training story except when the kid actually makes it in the potty. When you are in the throws, it's %$&*y! Every mom does and should feel your pain. I'm glad for your sake it was outside.

Stirling's said...

That is the best story ever! I can't stop laughing...