Wednesday, September 7, 2011

John 3:16

I love football!  I love football season.  I love football weather.  I love football food.  I love watching games on TV.  I love going to football games even more.  I love Utes Football!  I grew up loving BYU football but don't judge me, I lived in Provo and it was the thing to do.  And BYU was pretty awesome back in the day.  I also loved Friday Night Lights and it is over.  But that's another story.

I had to write a post about  our own, Carbon High School Dino's.  This poor team.  They have lived through 3 seasons with one win.  That's right.  For TWO ENTIRE years, they never won.  I attended many of these games.  It was sad.  Carbon rarely scored, they were beat up, they were a mess.  Here is an example, a true example, but it gives you an idea of how things would usually go for the Dinos.  One game, Carbon tried to go into halftime avoiding the other team scoring one more TD, after a particularly brutal 30 minutes of play, by taking a knee on the last play of their possession.  They fumbled the snap, only to watch the opponent recover the ball and return it 65 yards for a touchdown with two seconds left on the clock.  Seriously, it was gut wrenching to watch.  The Carbon High Dino's actually made it on ESPN as the high school team in the nation with the longest losing streak!  Ouch!

And then last year, a ray of ugly victory over Monticello.   Maybe the momentum shifted, maybe it was the new coach, but the tides were turning.

Carbon opened up this season with a win over, you guessed it,  Monticello.  Yay!  Dave and I were out of town but were excited to hear the news.

The next week, our little family of five was there to watch Carbon beat ALA. Whhhhaaaaattttt?  2-0!  Good for Carbon.  Carbon hadn't won two games in a row in the last 11 years!

Last weekend, Dave went to the game and I showed up late at halftime with the kids.  As I walked toward the field, I glanced up at the scoreboard.   Is that...??  No....!!  Does it say...???....Could that say 30-something under Carbon???  Yes! Carbon was beating Ben Lomond 32 to 0!  It was unheard of.  I think that was more points than Carbon had scored in the last three seasons combined.  How is this happening?  It was amazing.  They went on to win 42 to 2!  And the best part, they actually looked good!  They made some field goals, they scored their extra points!  They made pass completions!  They ran plays!  They had good defensive stands.  They played with heart.  It is so fun to watch!  Those boys deserve some success and I, for one, am so excited for them.

Carbon is now ranked 69th in the State of Utah and 7527th in the nation!  We are moving up!

So, go CARBON!  It's a little hard for me to wear blue to a football game these days but I will do it for the Dino's.  I hope they have an awesome season!


 Preschool is back in session.  As with all things involving Eddie, flexibility is key.  He brushed past all his new school clothes in the closet and picked this polo shirt, explaining to me "Red is much better".  It has something to do with Gryffindor, I think???  When I tried to give Eddie his new, bigger backpack, he said, "That's not my backpack!" and found his old one from last year.  It's easier, with Eddie, to let him be the boss over the little things.

 He "posed" in his typical perpetual motion fashion for a few shots by the front door...

And Eddie, kind of sweetly, asked to take a picture with me...

Saren, was not so agreeable, and made Eddie cry when she wouldn't stand next to him for a picture.  That girl!

Eddie seemed a little nervous on the drive to school, but after hanging up his backpack and sitting down with the other kids to color, he said, "See ya!" without even looking up at me.  I think he is going to be just fine.