Monday, November 22, 2010


Eddie became upset when I switched up his usual routine while helping him to get dressed. He REALLY did not like having his socks put on before his pants.

"No! This is not right Mom! Socks don't live in pants!"

Along a similar vein, today Eddie took off all his clothes after getting his sleeves wet in the sink. When I discovered him naked, I tried to persuade him to follow me into his room to get some undies and get ready for bed. Apparently, all he heard was the bed part...and he got really mad.

"MOM! Bums can't just go in the bed!".

I can't say I disagree with that.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

all about me...

Remember these....?

I think most Utah Mormons between the ages of 39 and 19 have one of these books from their childhood. Some are probably not finished, some like mine and much to my horror, are completely filled out, check mark descriptions of myself included.

I read this book and found my entries... (imagine check marks by each)

Supremely nerdy

Some things I noted in my book were as follows...

My favorite item of clothing was my Esprit green outfit.
My favorite book was "13 is Too Young to Die".
My favorite movie star was Michael J. Fox (I called him Mikey in the entry).
I was scared of murderers with stabbing knives.
I listed Spanish Fork under places I had visited.
Sometime in my life I hoped to.... "discover a cute, little creature". Gremlins anyone?
My favorite thing about being 9 was that 9 year old kids are "really cool".
By age 10, I was really sick of babysitting.
The one thing I wished I could change about my schedule was my paper route.
February 28th 1987 was the WORST day of my life. I have no idea why.
March 11th, 1987 was the BEST day of my life because Scott Ingrim invited me to ride bikes to the "Minute Man". (At least I rebounded quickly).
I once weighed 75-80 pounds.

A funny entry in my journal occurred when I described the death of my, as I called it, "darling" calico fish I unimaginatively named "Cally". The twins had gotten into the fish bowl while I was wasn't home and I returned home to a foggy bowl of water and a floating fish. And I quote, "This morning I called it a dumb fish for no particular reason. Now it is dead"!

At the time, my nice, big brother Jared, got a straw and blew bubbles into the water for five minutes trying to revive the fish. A fact that makes me feel guilty for describing Jared somewhere else in the book as having "weird teeth". But my fish was dead, and I dramatically flushed it down the toilet while crying and yelling "No...No....No!". All along my entry were areas where I had circled wet marks on the page and written "Tear" with arrows indicating where I had cried into the journal. Life was rough, back then.

Among other things, this entry got me thinking as to what would be a legitimate reason to call a pet fish a "dumb" one. Maybe, if it kept swimming into the walls of the bowl, or if it incessantly swam around with one of those attached pooh strings that just won't seem to fall away. Thoughts ???.

Basic lesson of my "All about Me" journey, I've changed. I'm glad I have a little more perspective now, and that life isn't such a roller coaster of self pity. I'm sorry to say I have yet to discover any adorable creatures, but I have visited a few more places. In interesting contrast to my "Cally" entry, I have an appointment at the Vet's office for Murray tomorrow to discuss whether or not it is humane to euthanize a dog for being "old and grumpy". In summary, I have evolved in the last 24 years, for better or worse.

Friday, November 5, 2010

the big bad world...

This week Jacob had an incident at school where he was "choked". I did the whole Mom-freak-out thing for a minute, but I could see that Jacob was OK and that he and the boy who he had been fighting with friendly with each other, so I tried not to worry too much. Jacob told me the boy who had choked him had gone to the Principal's office. Jacob also explained that he had been given a "golden ticket". When I asked him what the golden ticket was for he said, "I don't know, for being brave I think".

I knew Dave would do plenty of overreacting for the both of us, and I was right. Daddy panic began and phrases like "guarantee my child's safety" "expel that little..." and "plan of action" were thrown around, but Dave felt better (better about the incident....much worse about our educational system in general) after having lunch at the school a few days later.

I'm not trying to make light of a sketchily violent situation on the playground, but Jacob has been hilarious about the whole thing.

Names have been changed for the protection of those whose parents are screwing them up.

The next day, when Jacob came home from school, I met him at the bus stop and asked him how his day was...

"Good! Lamar didn't choke me or ANYTHING!" Well that was good.

The same day Jacob also brought home this assignment, which was beyond funny and a little sad too. Note the last sentence he wrote by himself.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Boo yah!

It is with shock and a little relief that I realize November is here. Where has the time gone? Halloween is a BUSY week with little ones and I am glad to say we survived all the maddness...and parties. What other time of year do I get to wash the same items seventeen times in one week?

As far as costume occassions go, my family had two school parties, a play group party, a trunk or treat, Dad's work party and, of course, trick or treating. It seems to be a given that if the kids have any item of clothing on for more than 10 minutes, it is going to need to be washed. So that was how I spent much of the holiday, but it is worth all the trouble to see the kids have so much fun.

This is how we partied at our house...

Jacob the VIKING...
A last minute change from "Ghostbuster" which relieved me because I didn't want the judgement that comes with people knowing he has seen that movie.

Eddie the MINJA...OK Ninja but it is so much cuter when he says it.

Saren the Ute Cheerleader...

or the monkey (depending on how cold it is outside).
She was pretty cute chasing her own tail.

David as JULIUS CEASAR... (he bailed on me).
Me the lonely CHILEAN MINER!

When Eddie saw me in my costume before our ward party he said,

"Mom you can't wear THAT!"
"Somebody will see you!"

I hate to tell him, I just don't care anymore. But I was sure to look as girly as possible on Sunday so people could rid their minds of me with a mustache.

Look at all these pumpkins! Our family is growing thanks to Kyle and Camila and Annie...every weekend is a party.

We had fun with the pumpkins, pigging out on yummy food, and trick or treating in the rain. Eddie couldn't stop smiling and kept telling everyone, "It keeps raining on me!" while laughing. And Saren learned how to say "Thank you" just in time for frickin' treating and she was so cute charming all the neighbors with her little voice.

Since Halloween, Saren has eaten an unholy amount of candy! Honestly! I keep thinking I have everything hidden high in the pantry but she brings me a Kit Kat or a Twix from some secret baby stash every ten minutes throughout the day. Saren has this cute little candy dance that kills me. I give in. I don't know how she is functioning on all the glucose. Here is Saren after demolishing the last of the cupcakes (PS: black frosting is an evil confection).

Happy Halloween everybody!