Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This is what makes me happy today. My beautiful, sleeping baby girl...

These eyeslashes...

This little face looking up at me...

This smile...

And this daddy!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

i have a belly ache

This is for you Karra. I'm sorry I don't post more but sometimes there is not much to say. In that spirit...I'm not necessarily a junk food lover. I don't really like chocolate. I'm not a fan of ice cream, and chips - I eat 3 or 4 of these a year. But I love Easter Candy...well, I'll be honest...candy in general. But Easter has a few candies that I really love. Miniature malted eggs, those spongy chickens/rabbits that everyone else hates, and those cream-filled, food color tasting eggs that everyone else hates. I have eaten too many today. Could a healthy food ever cause this same regret filled discomfort? - or is that I have never eaten enough celery sticks or scoops of hummus to reach the "sick" stage. Food for thought.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I should have known better than to post about how we had not been to the ER to remedy the effects of Eddie's insane ingestion of mostly food. A short 3 days after my last post, I found myself in the ER holding an injured little Eddie, whose appetite had indirectly caused an injury. His love of Mandarin Oranges (I know...so gross) caused him to stick his little finger in an open can (lid attached) and try to pry out more food. I was three feet away, doing paperwork and didn't notice him crawl over to my side of the countertop for the almost empty can. Needless to say, I wish I could relive that lunchtime disaster and do things differently. He now has a giant bandaged hand which he is trying with all his might to undo, and only nine out of ten fingerprints. Dang you Mandarin Oranges.

Friday, March 13, 2009

pass the pica please

I have to post again about my Eddie, because he is Eddie - and he does a lot of funny crap. If you know him, you know that Dave and I are constantly fishing random things out of his mouth. In fact, I scooped an otoscope cover out of his mouth right in front of the Pediatrician during Saren's appointment this week. I like to assume I stay pretty much on top of the ingesting of non food items, until that special day once every few weeks or so when I find a surprise in his diaper. I have found buttons, nickles, pennies, dimes, a safety pin (closed luckily), legos and other various objects I was not curious enough to inspect. Here is a picture...No I wouldn't, actually I couldn't.

I saw a story on the news recently about a little girl with a button stuck in her esophagus - they thought it had probably been there for years before she happened to get an x-ray. This made me nervous. If her button stayed put for years, how many little, foreign bodies are floating around Eddie's little, foreign body? I'm a little worried. Today I extracted a black rock out of his nostril, where I have previously found peas, of course legos and rice. I have evidence of his voracious appetite. This is one of Dave's disgusting power bars that Eddie couldn't open so he just helped himself to a huge bite. I have no doubt the wrapper was eaten along with the power bar (which by the way was recalled becuase it contained contaminated peanut butter). He fished this out of the garbage.
Wednesday I was making dinner, apparently not fast enough, and looked up to find Eddie knawing on some rotting celery.

I'm not sure if this obsessive need to eat everything is developmental in nature, or simply because he is never full and is constantly asking for food. Please don't turn me in to CPS, know that I am doing my best and that this kid is impossible to keep up with. The good news is, he is not a picky eater and we have yet to visit the ER to get anything "removed". Here's hoping that doesn't change anytime soon.

Monday, March 9, 2009

what Eddie has been up to...

Enjoying our one acre of mud. Me..not so much.

Fighting us every night and refusing to stay in bed....then wandering out of bed and falling asleep in crazy places like this...

"Helping" us get moved in.

Making his sister a little nervous.
Begging his Dad for a ride on the wheeler.

Driving this four wheeler down the stairs. He was fine.
Telling me about that scary day we had a party and lit candles on fire right in front of him. This is his most prominent birthday memory.

Monday, March 2, 2009

just call him shameless...

Note - If you don't watch "The Bachelor" - you will be confused and not care about this blog.

I am now a dumber and more shallow person for the watching, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it into Heaven anymore, but I could not peel my eyes off the TV during the Bachelor's latest "After the Final Rose". Holy crap! It was truly a feast for the emotionally depraved! Indeed, it was a gory, bloodfest of a train wreck that you couldn't look away from. But why would you want to? Seriously! At one point, it felt like Christmas morning - only one commercial break before we get to walk out into the Living Room to see what Santa brought. A mere few minutes later, I had to literally run away from the TV while nervously laughing to physically get as far from the shame as possible. What besides reality TV can make you feel all that in one hour (OK - it was 3 hours)? And I thought Deanna (barf) coming back would be the most exciting moment of the night. Chris Harrison (I'm ashamed to admit I knew his name without relying on google or abc.com) really earned his money this week, sitting next to the carnage, and then later next to the fornicators (who, by the way, said they were going to take it slow...say maybe go out for coffee - oh please - the green room backstage was converted into a "Fantasy Suite" before taping wrapped!). As a sidenote, how many times can the words "connection" and "amazing" be said in 3 hours? The answer is a lot! I hope everyone else enjoyed this show/became deeply offended by it as much as I did. It was made even better/worse by Dave's constant commentary (which was mostly dirty and sometimes inappropriate but always funny). I can only be thankful I was out of my influenza induced fog in time to see this mess unfold. This has been my parenthesis filled rant. Now I can sleep.