Tuesday, September 14, 2010

eddie is in preschool...

Eddie has been waiting a long time for his turn to go to school. By the end of the last school year, it was torture for Eddie to come home with me after dropped Jacob off each day. He is going to love being a preschooler and his class and teachers are going to LOVE him. I can't wait to hear the crazy stuff he tells everyone, because he is cracking me up all the time, and I'm sure he will do the same at school.
Eddie was excited for his first day but not overly so. I tried to talk him into a haircut and he said "I don't need a haircut Mom, it gonna be just fine...don't worry!" So I left his hair alone.

Like most attempts at taking a picture of Eddie, I ended up with lots of awkward poses...

(Showing off his "robot teeth")

Lots of shots in perpetual motion...

And a few keepers.

I love this kid like crazy! His teachers have know idea what a little, wild man they have on their hands. In the meantime, for two hours twice a week, I'll be alone with this one...

Don't let her adorable face fool you, she is kicking my butt all over the house these days. And as I write this last sentence, I turn around and find her naked and singing on the kitchen table. Time to get off the computer Mom.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

there are no words...

To sum up how Jacob is feeling about his first day of Kindergarten...in a word, EXCITED!

To sum up how I am feeling...


What am I going to do without him?

How has the rest of the world gotten by without him for so long? They don't know how lucky they are!