Monday, June 28, 2010


I went a month or so without any posts, and a months worth of stuff has happened. Jacob graduated from Preschool (both of them because I am one of THOSE crazy Moms). This is his awesome teacher from Munchkin Manor who he loved.

Jacob gave me this cute drawing of our family for Mother's Day, thanks to Miss Sarah and Miss Gwen at Creekview Preschool. I loved it!

We finished Pee Wee Soccer! I say we because I reluctantly agreed to "coach", but can you really call it coaching when you know nothing about soccer? My ignorance aside, Dave and I have got ourselves a pretty solid little halfback in the making.

And speaking of soccer, we have been watching a lot of World Cup matches around my house. Jacob asked to watch a game on the DVR first thing upon waking up this morning, and I don't mind because I like watching the games as well as watching the soccer hotties from all around the world. He has already started the "rewind it...I missed that!" after a goal. And since the US lost on Saturday...go Uruguay!

Dave went to the Pacific Northwest with his buddies Jayson and Don for a mancation. I only call it that because it sounds really gay and it will make Dave mad.

We had a Nelson family Reunion at the "Miles Chalet" in Midway. What a beautiful place! Who knew so many Nelson's could fit in one house. And once we identified the loudest snorers and separated them for the rest of the family, everyone even got a good nights sleep. It was so much fun!

We finished our nephew Kyle's room in the basement! He moved in this week! I'm relieved he has a nice place to rest his head and, if we ever get rid of him, we will have a theatre room! Kyle and Dave did the framing together. I am so impressed by Dave, he did everything but the sheetrock and mud himself, and it turned out beautiful! Here is a little glimps of the closet.

Or grass is finally starting to grow! If you look from far away and kind of squint, it almost resembles a lawn.

We went on a way too fast trip to Lake Powell with some good friends. It is such a beautiful place and we had a lot of fun. All the fun on the water has Dave back in boat buying mode, and I have been trying my best to hold him back. Lucky for me, a great deal on a Harley turned up and he has shifted focus. I'll let you know if I can dodge that bullet.

I am finally learning how to French braid. This may not seem news worthy, but I am pretty happy about it. It's been a strike against my womanhood for too long now. Doesn't baby Saren look so beautiful!

The next sports season had begun! Eddie is in T-ball and Jacob is in Pee Wee Coach Pitch. Jacob is, as usual, our hard core sports enthusiast. He is into the high fives, the pre game warm-ups, practicing at home all week, fist pumps, etc. Eddie is pretty much in it for the treat, and two innings is about all he has in him. And he is not sure which hand the mitt goes on but he knows he has got to be wearing it to run bases. He plays with all the intensity of Eeyore. I had to show these funny pictures of Eddie! Classic Eddie in this group shot.

Baby Saren started saying Mom around 3 weeks ago and hasn't stopped. She gets a little louder and more persistent at times, but it's pretty much a constant noise around the house, albeit a cute one.

Otherwise, we are spending most days of the summer so far, playing with the dogs and playing with the iPods. Plants vs Zombies, Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Sudoku, much better can life get?

We celebrated Father's Day at my parents home with a beautiful dinner and all SEVEN of my siblings were there with their families, or significant others, or by themselves if you are a twin. It was a lot of fun to be all together, so much so that I didn't waste any time taking pictures but I hope someone did!

And most significantly, we said our goodbyes to Merrilyn, who left for Afghanistan two days ago. We love her so much and we are so proud of her. Her marines are lucky to have such a caring physician to take care of them during their deployments. We are going to miss her like crazy! Until she is back, we will be sending tons of prayers and love her way.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

why I am bad at being a girl...

Exhibit A...

OK, it's the only exhibit but I wanted to say that. So my little Sister, Beccy, showed me this awesome bobby-pin twisty hair trick that gave my hair a beautiful soft, wavy, curl that lasted all day long. This was four years ago when I visited her in Florida, and last night I thought I should try it myself. I slept in the twisty hair and bobby pins and could hardly wait to unroll everything this morning and see my beautiful hair! Wow! One untwisting down and I knew things were not going well. Obviously, this hair never saw the chapel doors. I had to stick my head under the sink and spend some time with a pick and leave on conditioner to even run a brush through it again. Eddie said, "Mom, you look exactly like an animal!". He and Jacob then had a discussion over whether I was a giraffe or a lion. As you can see, I seriously suck at being a girl. My brother, Richard summed it up best, "That is terrifying!".

I should know better than to try new and exciting hair do's. Come on! If I try to step out of the box, as far as primping is concerned, it never works. I always rip my nylons. I have a BOX full of non-set earrings and a drawer full of eye makeup I don't know how to apply. This is not a pity party, just the truth. My girly game is WEAK. And I won't even mention my broken uterus!

Also happening recently was a skin care disaster. I burned the crap out of my eyes with Loreal Advanced Revita-something eye cream. I looked like a freak for at least two weeks until I consulted my Doctor brother, Jethro, and was miraculously healed with some steroid cream. Dave had called me the "Bride of Frankenstein" last Sunday morning and nearly sent me into tears but I survived, and I am so thankful to have my wrinkly eyes back! I should have taken a picture but just imagine me with dried pancake batter around my eye sockets.
What else....? I cannot leave painted nails alone. I am constantly banging up my legs with scrapes and bruises which I regret every time I put on a skirt and notice the weeks worth of wounds. So very unsexy.

And I cannot seem to take care of my hands. I clean A LOT. And with all the hand washing and being a nurse, my hands resemble those of a spry 80-year-old. Dave sometimes reaches over to hold my hand and then cringes, and places it gently back on my lap. I have blamed living in the desert Of Utah, but maybe it's just me?