Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WARNING! Cuteness overload...

 We have some kittens in our home!  Our sweet, gentle, good natured and slightly loose kitty, originally named "Jacob's Hair" and now known as "Hermione", got knocked up and had herself some babies.   The kitties are all healthy and adorable and really
good with people and ready for new homes in the next week or two, says Dr. Thayne.  You can have one at the bargain price of only $100.00 per kitten!!!
Ok, they are free to good homes, but don't you feel like you are getting a good deal now!  Come visit if you want to see them in person.  Please!   Jacob thinks we are keeping all FIVE and he cries every time I mention them moving away from home, but I'm pretty sure there is a county ordinance or two about cat farms.

Look at that face!

Jacob has already named all five can change the name if you want to take one home.  Jacob, very politically correctly, named them....are you ready?  Blacky, Whitey, Tiger, Popcorn and Spot.  You can probably figure out which one is which.  There are 2 boys and 3 girls.

As far as the kittens mom, Hermione, is concerned, she is the BEST cat ever.  She followed us home from church one week as a kitten and we have had her ever since.  She is really patient with kids.  She is sweet and affectionate but not annoying or clingy.  She is a great mouser!  I've seen her catch lots of mice outside but she NEVER brings them to the porch as "gifts".  You can't teach that have to inherit that kind of awesomeness.  Hermione also has a college education, is musically inclined and an amazing athlete.  She is a gem.

We don't know much about the kittens Dad, but we are pretty sure he is super good looking and came into town for the rodeo.  Sigh...cowboys!  Call or stop by if you are NEED to see one of these cuties.