Thursday, June 9, 2011

WARNING...annoying Mom blog (awesome stuff Eddie has been saying)

Eddie is just too funny. It's hard to explain if you haven't lived with him, but I never know what is going to come out of his mouth. He is hilarious. Check out the "snorkel" he built for his bath the other night.
Other funny Eddie stuff...

Eddie in his whitey tighties..."I'm VERY naked right now".

I asked Eddie to find a frisbee and put it in the car as were heading out of town with our dog. He said "Mom, I'm not really good at finding frisbees....but YOU are!". His Daddy's son, I think so!

Eddie's new favorite expression, "I'm on it!". Me - "Who can pick up these bath toys?", Eddie -"I'm on it!" or "Dinners ready, come downstairs!" "I'm on it!".

Eddie's constant complaint about Price "It's too windy outside for kids!".

I overheard Eddie yelling at Saren the other day, "Hey! Nobody is supposed to grab anybody else's penises!". BTW, I had to google plural use of penis to figure out how to spell that.

We play a game, after bath time, where the boys crawl out of their bath towels pretending to be some kind of animal emerging from their cave. The other day, Jacob came out of his towel growling, and nodded when I asked if he was a bear. Then, Eddie making some crazy chirping noise starts to come out of his towel and I asked, "Is it another bear?" Eddie's response "No! I'm an evil sperm whale!". What?

My favorite start to a conversation with Eddie is his overused expression, "Mom...we talk?". He says this a lot, but the next sentence caught me off guard once. "I've been a little lonely". Awwww, funny and cute and sad all at the same time.

And, when writing a letter to his cousin Kyle, who is on an LDS Mission, Eddie only wanted to say..."Dear Kyle, Come home Kyle."! I don't think you are supposed to say that to missionaries.

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Josh said...

Not annoying at all. I love that evil sperm whale reference.

Also, Price is too windy for kids. That's why they had to get the wave pool.