Friday, October 28, 2011

goblin valley....

We have a new Halloween tradition.  Goblin Valley.  What better spot for a day trip before the spooky holiday to enjoy the last little bit of nice weather and hiking for the year?  This was my first time there and it was amazing.  Next year, we will have to camp and stay a little longer.

The kids went bananas.  They can run and climb and dig and jump and hide all day and never run out of new things to see. They loved it.

It was a beautiful day!

Here is a picture of me and Gene Simmons at Observation Point.

After a picnic lunch amongst the goblins, we on a little hike through Carmel Canyon that the kids loved.  It gives you a good view of the "Three Hoodoos" formation and ends with a miniature slot canyon.

 We ended the day in Green River where we picked out pumpkins for Halloween, stopped by the museum and I made a few awesome buys at the thrift store.   Of course, we stopped for burgers at Ray's Tavern.  You have to eat at Ray's...they have been on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, I think.  And even if Guy Fieri hasn't been to Ray's to spazz over their cheeseburgers and fries, I still love the place.  To cap off all the fun, Jacob opened the bathroom door for a stranger who wanted in while I was literally hovering and peeing for the entire Ray's dining area to see.  It's been a while since I've been so devastatingly embarrassed.  Good times.

Anyway, Goblin Valley is amazing and beautiful and it's a good, deserty place to go if you need a break from all the beautiful colored fall foliage along the Wasatch Front.

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